What to do in Prague when it rains?

When it rains in Prague it may seem like the day goes to waste, you can't do the sightseeing you planned, the temperture drops, everything starts to seem gloomy and you just don’t want to get out of bed. On the otherhand, it gives you opportunities you wouldn’t do otherwise.

Here's a list of the Top 10 things to do in Prague when it's raining.

Food and drinks you won't find anywhere else

This is probably the most common idea that comes to mind. But when it rains it Prague there is a wide variety of options in this field. You can visit Ambiente - all you can eat brazillian dinner. Yes all you can eat. Ok I mean it does cost a little more than a regular dinner but the price is very acceptable being able to how much you can. If you want to go have a drink Hemingway is one of the top 10 in Europe. With a wide variety of drinks and a very nice atmosphere. And on the otherhand if you want to go to a classical Czech bar/club Kozička is a great place to go right in the center of Prague. Opening the window to Czech beer origins and a great atmosphere of Czech locals you have a very little chance of meeting a tourist. Then if you want to go to a dancing club, one of the biggest one is Retro dance hall which is owned by one of the most succesfull pop radios in this country. Starring big names from oversees the dance floor fills with people every night.

Rich buffet in restaurant Thai Delikates

Escape game

Haven’t heard of that yet? Well its your time to try this one out. Imagine this scenario: "you go to a party with your friends in downtown Prague. The last thing you remember is drinking heavily and partying hard. Suddenly you wake up being locked in a prison, but not the state prison some private complex. You don’t know how you got there you're just there with a couple of friends. that’s when the nightmare begins  and have an hour to get out before you die." You'll be thinking hard solving codes in the fear you will not make it. If this is something that you would like to do then definitely visit Mazement Located next to the park Riegrovy sady on its game the Psychopaths complex or The Legacy.


Indoor skydiving in a wind tunnel

Ever been skydiving? Well, rain doesn’t matter in Prague cause there is a wind tunnel in Letnany located on the metro C line. There's a turbine at the bottom of the tunnel producing a 270km/h wind that'll leave you flying and feeling like youre really skydiving. It's a one of a kind experience whether you're with family, friends, or love. On top of that the turbine is 4.3 meters wide which is great for learning tricks that the instructors will teach you. If this sounds interesting to you the head on to the Hurricane Factory.


Refreshing tea with a good smoke

Want to chill out and smoke a Shi-Sha then you are in the right city. Prague has a lot of Tea shops (hookah  places) where you can get a hot cup of a wide range of interesting teas and a very fine smoke with a choice of a variety of great tobacco. Your best bet would be the Budha teahouse beacause of its great atmosphere and staff as well as a great choice of tobacco and tea. Located in Prague 1 you'll be right in the center once you decide to head on.


Visit a museum or gallery

Interested in history or art? There's plenty of places to visit in Prague. It's a great thing to do when its raining. Being inside a museum you forget all about it and enjoy Pragues old history. If you're more of a museum type person then definitely head straight to the national museum at the top of Wenceslas square. They have a number of exhibits consisting of the biology museumthe history museummuseum of Mr. Náprstek and the museum of Czech music. If you're more into art though then go to the Dox gallery of contemporary art. Their motto says it all "In an age when growing numbers of people tend to think dangerously alike, art´s capacity to suspend, even for a moment, our habitual ways of seeing may well prove to be of its greatest value." If you're more into galleries, then read this article on to 10 art galleries in Prague.


Laser Game

Ever played a lasergame? If the answer is no, then you should definitely try this one out. You'll be up for a "in the action" game . Low light conditions and you'll have to shoot your enemy with a laser blaster. YES a laser blaster. There will be lights flashing around you and you'll be fighting to survive, ducking shots. You can go in any amount of players, of course the more people the cheaper it is. Dress some sporty clothes and shoes for this one though. The best one to go to would the Laser Arena in the center of Prague.


Virtual reality

Since reality becomes very boring when its raining in Prague, why not go to a virtual one?  Torch entertainment offers you two of the best games in Prague. Which one to choose? that's up to you.  You can choose between the game Cosmos and Mind Horror. In the game Cosmos you and your team will be transformed into space clones on a collapsing space station called Eden. Will you make it to the escape pods and flee the spacecraft or will you die in the vast space? The other game called Mind Horror will make you virtual reality investigators. You'll be searching for a missing child. This would seem rather normal for a game except you will be searching inside the mind of the Psychopath who captured him. Will you escape his mind and rescue the child or become lost in one of his nightmares?


Discover Pragues underground

Want to look underground where most haven’t been. It's the right day to explore Pragues old treatment plant. The treatment plant can only be viewed on guided tours. If you decide to do this tour you will see the original interior with the old machinery as well as the steam engine and boiler room. The tour guides you through the treatment plant and then continues with viewing copies of the original plans and photographs. On top of that you see a documentary from 1943 and if you're interested, you can see the 1947 "Men Downstream From Prague" documentary about the industrials buildings and Prague sewer system.

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Go to nuclear bunker right downtown

The museum of the cold war can offer you an experience of its own when you take a look into it's Bunker. The exposition consist of a collection of the most common and majorused gear and equipment used between World War II to 1989. You'll see uniforms, army gear, gasmasks, helmets, photoghraphs books, newspaper as well as tons of other stuff. It's a great place to learn about history and see it how it was.



Unlike the laser game paintball gives an almost real experience of being in spec-ops mission. Being indoor it's the perfect thing to do when it's raining in Prague. The arena in Prague 4 has 3 different grounds - Vietnam, The Dock and The sportzone, each of them offering a different experience.

Paintball Synkáč
Paintball Synkáč